A small sample of my work.

Here you can find a small selection of images of my work. My works carry with them a sombre dimension and in a certain way the message that the ludic and the unusual cohabit. Human behaviors are those that we can observe here "camouflaged" by animal irrationality. It is a constant search in my work, the need to find in the characteristic irrationality of animals the Human behaviors.

I try that the simplicity of the image speaks for itself, without giving much prominence to the content, I intend that the simple pose transmits the message. They are postures of relaxation, of tranquility, of peace in which we can feel that the characters are oblivious of what is happening, enjoying the moment. They are accompanied by "animated" figures that somehow decontextualize the primary message of simple pose. They are a kind of consciousness that accompanies the characters everywhere. Perhaps depending on the decisions to be made by the characters, the figures can undergo mutations and assume other physiognomy.